Video Teaser

Here's a 50-second teaser for a video of "The Ride" courtesy of Parisian director, Rick Jacquet. 

Shine a Light on Me

Echoes de Luxe shows are about to get a lot more exciting.  Shown are two pars and a strobe, with a programmable foot controller to call up lighting scenes.  Not shown is an 8-light bank with flood, music, and strobe effects.  Maybe a fog machine will join in later....

We’ll be testing these out in our rehearsal studio to be ready for our gigs in October.  Along with these, we’re working in other elements to make our shows more “multi-dimensional”.  Should be fun.

Thanks for your vote

A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who cast a vote for us in The Deli LA's Artist of the Month poll. 

Obviously, we couldn't have done it without you.  Your continued support goes a long way with us and we hope we can make it up to you somehow.  (If you need help moving, Matt has a truck). 

More big news very soon, we're eager to share it w/ you.

Thanks everyone!

Rick, Brahm, Justin, and Matt

New Videos

From the show 7.27 at Bordello in DTLA

We Giveth, and We Taketh (ourselves) Away

After this past string of local shows, we will be going away for a little while.  We'll be holing ourselves up in the studio, finishing new songs and revamping our live show.  We've always had the desire to bring in added elements to our set, and have been designing a portable lighting rig to bring to shows.  We'll be unveiling it at an as-yet unannounced venue, so stay tuned. 

In other news, we have decided to make our eponymous debut EP available for free download.  Just clickity-clack on the album cover below and you'll be directed to our Bandcamp site.  Of course, if you haven't downloaded the NotreMonde Demos (our latest release), that's free too.  What can we say-we're givers.

See you in a few weeks....

Returning to Bordello

Not only is Bordello a minute away from our rehearsal studios, it's also the sexiest venue LA has to offer.  

Echoes de Luxe and Diamondsnake

Last night's show with Diamondsnake was epic.  If you missed it, you lose.

Click the pic for the LA Times article.

"We've gotten some attention from the heavy-metal community, and they hate us more than I ever thought was possible." -Moby

Last Minute Gig Announcement

Les Deux just asked us back to perform at their weekly Rock Mondays event next Monday the 21st.  We didn’t know what to expect when we played their last, but the sound was far better than we imagined, and when you play to a place that packed, the energy is infectious.  A fun show all around.

If you dare to brave the Hollywood mayhem, it’s worth it….Again, the show is free with this flyer, and it's a really good idea to get there early, not just for the open bar. 

Fingers Crossed for Shorted Fuses....

If you caught our set last night at Les Deux's Rock Mondays, YES-Richard's guitar amp shorted halfway through the last song.  If you didn't notice, good ;P

"The Price of Love" live @ Bordello

Video from last night's show at Bordello.  Enjoy!

Echoes de Luxe Rock Mondays

The show is free with this flyer-just print it out and mention our name at the door

We are on at 10:30

QK @ 11:15

FAQ Section

We've added a new Frequently Asked Questions page to the website.  Currently addressing the three things we get asked about the most, ie the band name, history of the group, and the #notremonde concept. 

If anyone has a question they're dying to get answered, or have ever been curious about, simply email us and we'll post the answer. 

Echoes de Luxe @ Bordello

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is a time to memorialize.  We would like to give you something to memorialate, and play a show for you Downtown at Bordello, Sunday May 30.

*Also playing are Socadia, Sirens Eye, and Megasoul Connector

T-Shirts Now Available

We have two new Echoes de Luxe designs in 3 colors available right here on our official website.  Just $10 + s/h, for each shirt sold we'll send an autographed copy of our debut EP, and any other goodies we have lying around at EDL HQ. 

These shirts were done on a limited run, so grab them while you can.  The quicker these go, the quicker we get more designs!

More color options in the STORE


All Ages Show @ Chain Reaction

Our next gig will be an all ages show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Sunday May 9 @ 9PM.

As ever we'll be giving away free music, and Echoes de Luxe t-shirts will be available courtesy of our friends at Dangermen Prestige Designs!

Echoes de Luxe Song of the Week: "The Ride"

We’re all immensely proud of this tune, and became even more so when it was hand-picked for airplay on Nic Harcourt’s weekly radio show on 89.9 KCRW. 

It’s a song we feel captures every element of the band-mood, melody, texture, emotion, and energy.

Download it along with the rest of "The NotreMonde Demos" for free.

the last time that i had seen her face
she took a walk out to her favorite place
she had on her leather jacket a yellow purse and her special locket
the last time that i had seen her face

some say that she has run away
some say she’s with another boy
either way i’m left here broken
bruised and battered, sobbing choking
thinking of the times i’d seen her face

i know i don’t have to be alone
'cos in my dreams she is coming home
i’ll look in her eyes and her knowing smile
her voice in my head says “it’s been a while”

several days later they continue the search
they’re breaking in teams now
when all of a sudden they’re running through town
they’re ringing the church bells
somebody found her locket buried in sand
under the playground
as soon as they told me i couldn’t stand
they’re ripping my heart out

(((XDL))) Featured on Insomnia Radio

Echoes de Luxe are featured on Insomnia Radio's "Daily Dose" today.  Head over and let them know you want to hear more!

Here's a link to the Podcast, where you can listen to the show and download all the free music that they play.

Echoes de Luxe @ Bordello


We got word late last night from the venue that our show Thurs Aprl 29 has been cancelled due to "unforeseeable circumstances"  We're working out a new date and will notify everyone as soon as we have it confirmed.

Sorry, everyone.....We're looking into alternate venues around LA to fill in the gap.

Happy Record Store Day!

Get out there and support your local independent record store!  Buy an ALBUM to cherish forever, one that won't go away when you spill Jolt cola on your hard drive while staying up for 3 days playing WoW....but it might go away when you split with your girl/boy and they throw everything you own into the street...But don't let that stop you! 

I (Richard) hold this day close to my heart.  Literally the day after graduating high school I began working at my favorite indie record shop, Bull Moose Music, and continued to work there for the better part of 4 years.  While all my friends were in college, I was running a record store.  That experience has been one of the most rewarding in my life.  Besides opening my eyes to more music than I could ever absorb it instilled in me a love and appreciation of the record store community that I hope will thrive the world over.  Any time I walk into an indie music store, no matter where I am, I feel like I am home..

AND-it was news to me, but my old boss, Chris Brown, apparently STARTED Record Store Day.  How about that?.....So here's a goofy video of him showing off all the special releases that bands like the Rolling Stones, Them Crooked Vultures, and the Beastie Boys are offering in honor of this special day.  He really hasn't changed a bit.

Set Time Change

Alert!  Set times for this Friday's show in Santa Monica have been changed.  Updated times are:

  • Doors at 8pm
  • Echoes de Luxe at 8:30
  • Socadia at 9:30

Apologies for any inconvience, we hope to see you all there.  It will be the first full Echoes de Luxe show in many weeks, and we're excited to get back on the Dakota stage.



NotreMonde Demos Remastered

Our latest recordings are newly remastered and available for free download.  Just click on the banner below and you will be directed to the site where you can quickly and easily download the songs right into your iTunes library.  So far the response has been terrific, and we're looking forward to all of our upcoming shows.  We hope to see you out there....

Penultimate Show

Last night was hands down the best show of the acoustic residency so far.  Andrew from Queen Kwong sat in on drums for us and it made all the difference.  Grace and Manners played a tight set, and we were joined at the end of the night by Matt Bain (Eve6) and his new project, The Sequel.  They're playing The Fold in Silverlake tonight (3/25) at 7:15, be sure to check them out. 

Next week is the last show of the residency.  If you're in the LA area be sure to come by.  We'll be on at 10, stick around for the all-band collaboration.


Echoes de Luxe on KCRW

Tonight we were honored to have one of our new demos, "The Ride" played on Nic Harcourt's radio show on 89.9 KCRW.  Listen to the track below, and help yourself to a free download of the song.   You can also listen to the show in its entirety HERE.  (We were especially pleased to be played right after Bowie's "Oh You Pretty Things"...)

***You can call KCRW at (310)450-5183 and request that they play the song again,

or email them by following the link below***

Ready for Download!

The NotreMonde demos are now up and ready for download HERE.!!!

Acoustic Residency Continues...

Got St Patrick's Day plans that DON'T involve passing out before 10pm?  Good...because this Wednesday the 17th our acoustic residency continues with performances from us, Grace and Manners, and Queen Kwong.

We'll be peforming a song from some Irish guys you'll be sure to recognize, and the G &M boys may have a trick up their sleeve as well.  We're happy to have Carre back to perform this week, well rested and back from NYC.

As ever, it's a free show and the Guinness shall pour....